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Anti Reflective Coating for Glass Windows: Applications & Benefits

Suitable for a wide range of applications, Diamond Coatings’ anti reflective coating for glass windows offers several important benefits. Here are some of them…

Suitable for a wide range of applications, Diamond Coatings’ anti reflective coating for glass windows offers several important benefits. Here are some of them…

Anti Reflective Coating for Glass Applications

Reducing reflection to a fraction of that of conventional glass windows, anti reflective coatings provide crystal-clear transparency even when there is a significant difference in the level of light on either side of a windowpane (in front/behind).

Thereby providing perfect vision, this makes AR coated glass windows perfect for applications including:

  • Showrooms and display windows (i.e. poster/graphic displays, product display cabinets in stores, museum exhibit displays, glass enclosures in zoos/aquariums, etc.)
  • VIP lounges/seating areas (i.e. in stadiums) and interpreter cabins
  • Panorama restaurants, façades and balustrades
  • Foyers, lobbies and teller (banks, post offices, gas stations, etc.) windows
  • TV/recording studios and more

Anti Reflective Coating for Glass Windows Benefits

In addition to making it significantly easier to see whatever is behind a display window, inside a glass display cabinet/enclosure outside an external window, etc., windows with AR coatings can also provide significant benefits in terms of security, with the reduced reflection and consequently enhanced visibility allowing:

  • Gas station employees to get a perfect view of what is going on even in difficult low-light conditions (i.e. at night, poor weather, etc.)
  • Store, bank and post office tellers to retain perfect views in situations where sunlight streaming through windows may otherwise cause poor visibility due to excessive reflection

In environmental terms, AR glass windows are beneficial in that they allow increased levels of natural daylight to enter rooms and thereby reduce the need for artificial light sources – which, of course, reduces energy consumption (as well as energy expenses).

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