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Our unique Visin anti reflective face shields can be coated with Diamond Coatings anti reflective coating on both sides of the visor, offering near to zero reflection internally and externally – in all light conditions, making them very effective for both indoor and outside usage.

The face shields offer an industry leading level of protection to the eyes and face from pathogens and airborne viruses. They also allow for a full range of head movement and shield the entire face.

Light Transmission
Light Transmission


Our Visin Enchanced Face Shield provides reduced eye strain for a user, especially important if the face shield is used for a longer period of time. When standard face shields have 89% light transmission, you can expect to see glare and your reflection. Diamond Coatings face shields provide 97% light transmission meaning virtually zero reflection from either side.

What people say

Groomed Barbershop

Here at Groomed, the health and safety of our staff and customers is priority. All our staff have the necessary PPE which includes these great VISIN visors from Diamond Coatings! Unlike other brands, Visin have an anti-reflective coating. This means no glare from the sun/lights ensuring great visibility and less strain on the eyes. They are comfortable to wear, great quality and priced very fair! We highly recommend this product and the company itself, who are very professional and happy to help

JN Opticians

I can finally see clearly with my face shield on. Anyone who needs a face shield for work will understand how difficult it is to see through them. The VISIN face shields are excellent, there isn't any reflection that you would find with a normal face shield and are comfortable to wear. I'm very happy with this face shield and definitely recommend them to anyone who uses a face shield at work.


Guaranteed clearer vision

When compared to a standard faceshield.

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