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ITO Coated Microscope Slides

ITO coated microscope slides allow a specimen to be viewed using electron microscopy, without the need for the specimen being charged.

ITO Coated Microscope Slides

ITO coated microscope slides have become an integral part of electron microscopy. It has been documented that using ITO glass as a substrate for cell culture allows a specimen to be viewed using electron microscopy, without the need for the specimen being charged.

This occurs due to the properties of ITO (indium Tin Oxide), it is optically transparent and highly conductive. Applying a thin film across the microscope slide creates the perfect apparatus for use in electron microscopy.

Clever, right?

Naturally, it is important for slides used in this kind of research to be of the highest possible quality and reliable both in terms of electrical resistivity and structural integrity.

Diamond Coatings ITO coated microscope slides

Diamond Coatings offer a comprehensive range of glass substrates for ITO coated microscope slides and are currently being supplied to universities and research and development facilities worldwide.

We can produce chemical or thermally toughened glass custom made to meet specific dimensions, thicknesses, and resistance levels, with radii, apertures, and cut-outs, if necessary.

ITO coated soda lime glass microscope slides

Microscope slides are most commonly produced using soda lime glass as they are economical to manufacture and have good chemical stability and hardness.

A negative to soda lime glass is the diffusion of Sodium ions into the Indium Tin Oxide layer, which will occur over time which will affect the slides performance and lifetime. At Diamond Coatings, we have developed a solution to this issue.

We can now offer a silicon oxide barrier layer to prevent the diffusion, available by special request only.

‘Off the shelf’ options

We have a range of sizes and grades available at our online store offering high levels of transmittance in various dimensions, thickness and resistances: Available with a choice of Ohms per square: 8-12 ohms/sq, 15-30 ohms/sq and 30-60 ohms/sq.

Currently stocked standard ITO coated microscope slides sizes include:

25 x 25 mm

25 x 75 mm

50 x 75 mm

We can also supply customer specific sizes (maximum available size: 400 x 500 mm) and ITO coated microscope slides with silver busbars for ease of electrical current application.

We also supply a full range of ITO coated coverslips, also available to purchase directly from us online.

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We are here for you. Whatever your ITO coated microscope slides requirements, please get in touch with us. A member of our technical team will talk through your needs and offer the best solution.




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