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Anti-Reflective COVID Screens

By applying our anti reflective coating or a thin anti-reflective film, there will be zero reflection from the COVID screen.

Anti-Reflective COVID Screens

Our World has changed in the last year or so, it has had to. The impact of COVID has been far reaching and devastating. As we hopefully move to a new way of living with COVID, we have the opportunity to examine the post-COVID society we now live in, and see how we can make improvements, no matter how small they might be.

During the Pandemic, Diamond Coatings devised and produced anti-reflective PPE which has been used extensively by medical institutions globally.

Our Face Shields offered zero reflection and it got us thinking how we could utilise or anti-reflective coatings and films further.

The use of clear Perspex barriers in customer facing areas are now common and required. When they first came into effect, they yielded a couple of reactions: both shock and reassurance. Doubtless, they helped reduce infection rates and most likely saved lives.

It’s probably a given that these COVID screens are with us for some time, if not indefinitely – who knows right now?

Whether it is a screen at a customer level, or within a medical environment, we think we can give a slight improvement to the aesthetics and visual clarity (on both sides) of the screens.

Superior COVID Screens

One obvious issue to the screens we are now all used to, is the reflection that is present. This is a particular issue in ell lit environments, which is where most COVID screens are required.

By making these screens anti-reflective (on both sides, if required), we are able to offer an enhanced and superior product.

Anti Reflective Covid Screens

By applying our anti reflective coating or a thin anti-reflective film, there will be zero reflection from the COVID screen. Unless you are particularly vain, this should be seen as a good thing.

This will allow for better visual clarity and improve the service given, either by a public facing member of staff or, more importantly, a health professional.

If you would like to know more about our anti-reflective coatings, and our anti-reflective sheets, please click the links. If you think we can be of further assistance to you, please get in touch with us.

Where we are now and where we are headed is unknown right now. We will continue to live in this post-COVID society and accept that some of the changes of the last year will be with us for some time.

That said, there is nothing stopping us all finding ways to improve things – on whatever level, and that may just include making those COVID screens a lot better for everyone.




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