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AntiReflective Film

Polyester film is composed of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and is a high-performance, transparent thermoplastic. AntiReflective (AR) Films are available

Polyester film is composed of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and is a high-performance, transparent thermoplastic. AntiReflective (AR) Films are available for applications that require an enhanced level of optical transparency.

ITO Polyester film has ideal mechanical properties for processing, such as vacuum coating, metallizing and laminating.

Opting to use ITO polyester film over other thermoplastics can provide a range of superior properties. PET film has favourable properties such as high tensile strength, dimensional stability, Excellent electrical properties and High optical transparency, amongst many others.

Applications of AR PET Film

Our Antireflective PET film is especially suited to applications such as:

  • Smart Windows
  • Retail/Advertising, Medical & Public Information Displays
  • Pen/Touch Entry Screens
  • Optically Transparent Touch Panels/Displays
  • Optical Enhancements
  • Energy Solutions (Solar Cells)
  • Electronic Displays (EP, OLED, PDP, LCD)

Diamond Coatings AR1617 Anti-Reflective PET Film

Diamond Coatings’ AR1617 Anti-reflective PET film comes supplied with an optically clear adhesive and can be provided in sheet form, in linear meter format or directly laminated on your chosen substrate.

Our AR1617 film is highly suited as a cost-effective solution for large display or digital signage applications.

Our Diamox AR1617 film offers a higher level of transparency and is suitable for LCD’s, PDP’s, clear displays and touch panels, amongst others.

Other advantages of our Diamox AR1617 Film is its anti-static and abrasion resistance properties, as well as being a chemically resistant material.

The Diamond Coatings AR1617 Anti-Reflective film comes complete with an optically clear adhesive and protective film on both surfaces.

We currently supply this AR film in two standard sheets formats – 1Mtr x 1Mtr and also 250mm x 250mm sheet sizes, we can also supply in the standard film width of 1250mm and offer to supply in continuous meters on a roll.

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What is an Optical Coating?

An optical coating is a thin film deposited on a surface to alter its optical properties and manipulate the behaviour of light

What is an ITO substrate?

The transparency and conductivity available for the surfaces of glass, plastics, and thin films has significantly expanded the potential applications for ITO substrates.

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