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Anti Reflective Plastic Film

Diamond Coatings anti reflective plastic film AR1617 offers some impressive optical properties, which include 59% reflection

Anti Reflective Plastic Film

With modern well-lit environments, the need to reduce reflection has increased and continues to do so. Reflections, often in a bright environment, can reduce visual clarity which can detract from an overall viewing experience.

If you consider artwork within museums, most of these are now framed with, at least, an anti reflective plastic film to enhance a viewer’s experience.

Unfortunately, recently there has been an increased need for anti reflective options as we continue to live with the virus – and safety screens to help stop the transmission. We were proactive at the start of the pandemic and worked with medical institutions and retail environments to deliver the best possible safety screens – ones with zero reflection.

Another important area for anti reflective film is in the advertising sector. Electronic large screen displays have become popular. What is not so popular is, outside, harsh glare from the sun and, inside, a glare from the lighting present.

With digital signage really coming into play in the last few years, it is essential the signage is presented in its best light

Please meet AR1617

Diamond Coatings anti reflective film AR1617 offers some impressive optical properties, which include:

  • 0.59% reflection (minimum at wavelengths between 580 and 590 nm
  • 0.74% luminous reflection
  • Minimal haze (0.1%)
  • 4% total luminous transmission

For a more in-depth look at technical details, reflection/transmission graphs and more, please view the AR1617 data sheet here. AR1617 Anti-Reflective film comes complete with an optically clear adhesive on one side and protective film on both surfaces.

We currently supply this AR film in two standard sheets formats – 1Mtr x 1Mtr and also 250mm x 250mm sheet sizes, we can also supply in the standard film width of 1250mm and offer to supply in continuous meters on a roll.

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