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Diamond Coatings AR1617 Multi-Layer Antireflective Film Properties & Applications

Multi-Layer Antireflective Film Properties & Applications: Diamond Coatings AR1617 antireflective films are the perfect solution for digital signage & display applications.

Diamond Coatings AR1617 antireflective film are the perfect solution for digital signage & display applications. To find out why, read on to learn everything there is to know about AR1617 multi-layer antireflective film properties, applications and more.

AR1617 Multi-Layer Antireflective Film Properties

At wavelengths ranging between 580 and 590 nm, the AR1617 film offers a minimum reflection rate of 0.59 per cent, with:

  • Luminous reflection of 0.74 per cent;
  • Total luminous transmission of 94.4 per cent, and
  • Minimal (0.1 per cent) per cent haze

Subjected to environmental1 and chemical resistance2 testing, the film showed no evidence of detrimental changes (i.e. its properties and effectiveness remained unchanged) and abrasion resistance testing using steel wool (200g/cm2 load) showed minimal (0 – 5) scratch.

1Environmental Testing Methods:

  • Heat – Exposure to 103° C for 500 Hours
  • Cycling Test – Exposure to temperatures cycling from -30° C to +60° C
  • Humidity – Exposure to 90 per cent RH at 60° C for 500 Hours

2Chemical Resistance Testing Method:

Not performed by an independent laboratory and therefore serving for information only, this test involved deposition of diverse chemicals including drops of glass cleaner, acetone, alcohol, 5% aq.sol. kitchen cleaner, 1% aq.sol NaOH (sodium hydroxide), 3% ap.sol. NH4OH (ammonium hydroxide) and HCI (hydrogen chloride) onto the film’s surface and leaving them for 30 minutes before wiping off the drops and checking the surface for changes.

For more detailed information and transmission/reflection graphs, please see the AR1617 Data Sheet.

AR1617 Antireflective Film Applications

Offering good chemical, environmental and abrasion resistance, as well as enhanced transparency and good anti-static properties, AR1617 film is a high-performance, superior solution designed to perfectly meet the high demands of applications including, for example:

  • Optically Transparent Touch Displays/Panels
  • Touch/Pen Entry Screens
  • Public Information, Medical & Retail/Advertising Displays
  • Electronic (OLED, EP, LCD PDP,) Displays
  • Smart Windows, Energy Solutions (i.e. Solar Cells), Optical Enhancements and More

Currently Available AR1617 Options

Supplied complete with an optically clear and protective adhesive film (both surfaces), AR1617 antireflective film can be provided on rolls (by linear metre; standard width: 1,250 mm) or as standard-sized (250x250mm or 1,000×1,000mm) sheets.

Diamond Coatings can, however, also offer to laminate antireflective coated films directly onto preferred substrates or supply films to match customer’s specific dimensional requirements. To learn more and/or discuss your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our technical team today.




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