Applications & Benefits of Diamox ITO Coatings

Vacuum deposited onto a range of substrates, ITO coatings are thin films combining In2O3 (Indium Oxide) with SnO2 (Tin Oxide) that offer beneficial properties for many applications across a wide spectrum of industries.

Vacuum deposited onto a range of substrates, ITO coatings are thin films combining In2O3 (Indium Oxide) with SnO2 (Tin Oxide) that offer beneficial properties for many applications across a wide spectrum of industries.

Diamox ITO Coatings Benefits

Providing outstanding electrical conductivity (coatings may be produced – depending on thickness – with sheet resistances starting as low as 2.5 Ohms/square), Diamox coatings offer higher optical transparency than most other doped metal oxides. A 20 Ohms/square coating on polycarbonate or glass, for example, has (at a 525 to 600 nm wavelength range) typical respective peak light transmissions of 81% and 87%.

Chemically stable and resistant to moisture penetration (tested to MIL STD 48497 by subjection to Humidity, Salt Spray & Thermal Cycling, no evidence of optical degradation or coating adhesion/sheet resistance reduction was shown), Diamox coatings are also resistant to peeling, flaking and delaminating; crazing and cracking.

In addition, these coatings inhibit and minimalize (and potentially virtually eliminate) RFI, EMI and ESD (Radio Frequency Interface, Electromagnetic Interface & Electro-Static Discharge) effects (shielding effectiveness at 1GHz & 1MHz is 26dB & 58dB respectively) – meaning they effectively improve electronic devices’ reception/overall performance.

What’s more, Diamox ITO coatings can, unlike many other coatings, also be etched with extreme precision to meet customer patterning requirements of even the highest complexity and create ultra-fine conductor paths.

Diamox Coatings Applications

These properties, combined with the ability to combine them with other coatings to create application-specific, highly customized solutions, make Diamox coatings ideal for an extensive range of applications including, among many others:

  • Capacitive/Resistive Touch Panels
  • EMI/RFI Shielding
  • Photovoltaic Cells
  • Heated Optically Clear Display Filters
  • Medical Equipment Displays
  • Electrostatic Dissipation
  • Avionics Cockpit Displays
  • Military Vehicles’ Navigational Displays

Available in a range of sheet sizes (max. 1000 mm x 1000 mm) and sheet resistances ranging from 2.5 Ohms/square to 1500 Ohms/square, Diamox Indium Tin Oxide coatings may be applied to flat or shaped substrates and even injection moulded parts. This makes them perfect for many industries, including, to name just a few:

  • Entertainment, Aerospace & Automotive
  • Microscopy, Imaging & Medical
  • Military & Defence and Space
  • Research & Development, and More

Diamond Coatings’ comprehensive range of ITO/Index Matched ITO & Multi-Layer (Anti-Reflective) AR coatings includes many coatings we designed specifically to meet customers’ specific optical requirements.

Are you developing an application requiring specific optical criteria? Get in touch – our technical team will be more than happy to recommend/design a coating to match your specific optical requirements to perfection.




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