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ITO Glass Manufacturer

By coating glass substrates with Indium tin oxide (ITO) surfaces can be given a high transparency and low surface resistance, as well as conductive properties. The manufacture of ITO glass

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Conductive Coating Coverslips

Diamond Coatings offer an extensive range of premium quality ITO coated coverslips. Available in diverse, thicknesses and sheet resistances, these optically transparent and highly conductive ITO coverslips have become an integral addition to modern research and development and medical laboratories’ SEM Imaging and high-resolution microscopy equipment.

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ITO On Plastic Films

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) can be used to coat glass substrates but also plastic substrates such as acrylic, polycarbonate or polyester film, for a variety of applications

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Reflective Coated Glass

Coatings can be applied to glass that can reflect heat radiation yet transit light like glass. The properties of indium tin oxide coated glass make it a popular choice of material for environmentally friendly construction and low emissivity (Low-E) windows. The ability to regulate temperature is beneficial for rooms like scientific research labs.

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What is ITO coating?

Indium tin oxide is a transparent conducting oxide composed of indium, tin and oxygen that can applied to substrates such as glass. ITO is one of the most widely used transparent conducting oxides because of its electrical conductivity and optical transparency properties.

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Operating ultra-modern magnetron sputtering plants complete with clean rooms from state-of-the-art factory premises in Phoenix, Arizona. Diamond Coatings provide an extensive range of products, including ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) and AR (Anti-Reflection) coatings on glass or plastics; capacitive and resistive touch screens; monolithic shielding filters (RFI) on glass or plastics; mesh windows, glass supplies and more.
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