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Diamond Monolithic RFI Filters


Our monolithic filters are flat or profiled custom designed RFI Shielded Optical Filters. They are produced by directly depositing a thin transparent and electrically conductive coating onto the desired substrates. Substrates available for monolithic RFI filters include:

• Acrylic
• Glass
• Polycarbonate

Different available surface finishes include:

• DIAMOX+ AR coating
• Etched glass
• Hard coatings (non-glare; for plastic substrates)

Monolithic filter coatings are available in sheet resistances starting at 10 ohms/sq and in sizes ranging up to a maximum of 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm.

Monolithic Filters – Properties

Measured using independent, MIL-STD-285 compliant test methods, the EMI/RFI Shielding Effectiveness of our monolithic filters ranges from 58 dB (1MHz) to 26 dB (1GHz). Spectral light transmissions depend on both nature and surface finish of the substrate.

For glass with a 20 ohm/sq coating, light transmission ranges between 87% (standard Diamox Coating) and 92% (index-matched Diamox coating).

Light transmission for hard-coated clear polycarbonate with a 50 ohm/sq coating ranges between 85% (standard Diamox coating) and 89% (Diamox+ coating).

Figures shown above are typical peak transmissions within a wavelength range of 525 to 600 nm.

Monolithic Filters – Termination

Our monolithic RFI filters may be terminated via copper tape or silver bus bars, which may be carried around to front surfaces. Fabric over foam or conductive silicone gaskets may also be used.

Monolithic Filters – Advantages

High conductivity resulting in attenuation ranging between 58 dB (1MHz) and 26 dB (1GHz).

Excellent typical light transmission (87% for standard Diamox grade and 92% for index-matched Diamox+ grade).

Wide substrate range including acrylic, glass and polycarbonate.

Available as monolithic profiled and flat filters with improved mechanical and environmental stability over laminated and edge bonded filters.

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