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Diamond Special Optical Thin Film Coatings

Diamond Coatings produce a comprehensive range of special optical thin film coatings within the light spectrum’s visible & infra-red (IR) regions.

Diamond Coatings use oxide & semiconductor layers with a wavelength range of approximately 300nm to 20microns to produce a comprehensive range of special optical thin film coatings within the light spectrum’s visible & infra-red (IR) ranges.

Diamond Thin Film Optical Coatings

Available in IR, near IR and visible wavelength ranges, Diamond Coatings’ special optical coatings can be produced on diverse substrates (incl. optical polymers, sapphire & various types of glass) and may, for example, consist of:

  • Beamsplitters offering diverse ranges of transmission/reflection values, i.e. 50/50, 70/30, etc. (+/-1.5%)
  • Highly efficient broadband AR (multi-layer) or V coat anti-reflection (AR) coatings offering reflections below 0.5%
  • IR blocking filters (“hot mirrors”)
  • Front surface mirrors with reflections exceeding 99%
  • Narrow band, bandpass & edge filters


DC Beamsplitters

Most commonly utilized at 45º incidence angles (although Diamond Coatings have the capacity to produce splitters at diverse other angles), beamsplitters are designed to reflect one incident light portion and transmit the remaining portion.

For simple requirements insensitive to angular design, metal coatings can be a suitable solution in applications where large absorption amounts are acceptable. Over bandwidths of around 300nm, spectrally flat transmittance/reflectance curves can be achieved with all-dielectric designs.

DC Anti-Reflection Coatings

Offering an average reflectance lower than 0.5% over a wide range of wavelengths (IR, visible & UV), DC multi-layer broadband AR coatings may be designed and produced for an extensive range of performances, incidence angles, substrates and wavelengths. We also have the capacity to design & manufacture dual-band anti-reflective coatings.

V coat AR coatings are typically utilized for applications with specific laser wavelengths and Diamond Coatings have the capability to produce V coat coatings for varying incidence angles. What’s more, it is possible for us to obtain reflection rates below 0.1% at single wavelengths.

DC Edge Filters

Use of a high reflector (all-dielectric) like design permits short/long wave pass filter production for diverse angles of incidence.

Designed to reflect a specific portion of a given incident spectrum while transmitting another, edge filters are ideal for applications including, for example:

  • “Hot mirrors”, where the infra-red portion of a spectrum is reflected, and the visible portion is transmitted, and
  • “Cold mirrors”, where the infra-red portion of a spectrum is transmitted, and the visible portion is reflected, as well as
  • Colour and UV light filters

Our edge filter design & manufacture capability extends to a wide range of incidence angles.

Durability of DC Optical Thin Film Coatings

While specific details depend on any given coating’s specific design and deposition process, DC’s special optical coatings usually comply with common optical (incl. MIL-C-675 & MIL-M-13508) specifications in terms of durability & cosmetic requirements.

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