OLED Grade ITO Glass Sheet


Diamond Coatings offer ITO Coated Glass Sheet OLED Grade with smooth surfaces for OLED type applications.

Surfaces suitable for deposition of subsequent ultra-thin layers are achieved by magnetron (ion modified) sputtering onto polished glass.

ITO Coated Glass Sheet OLED Grade Product Information

Currently available types of OLED Grade ITO Glass include:

• SL -P-12 – Soda lime float glass (1.1mm thick) with 135nm ITO; sheet resistivity 12 ohms/sq; 86% transmittance at 550 nm

• BO-X-20 – Borosilicate glass (1.1mm thick) with 100nm ITO; sheet resistivity 20 ohms/sq; 84% transmittance at 550nm

• SL-P-80 – Soda lime float glass (1.1mm thick) with 25nm ITO; sheet resistivity 80 ohms/sq; 86% transmittance at 550nm

Depending on type, full size ITO Coated Glass Sheet OLED Grade ranging up to 400 mm x 500 mm. Precision diced pieces going down to as little as 10 mm x 10 mm are also available.


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