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Transparent Conductive Coatings USA: CVM recently named Diamond Coatings as the winner of their “Best ITO & Optical Coatings Company 2019” Award. Here is why…

Diamond Coatings Inc. Transparent Conductive Coatings USA are pleased to announce that Corporate Vision Magazine (CVM) recently named Diamond Coatings as the winner of their “Best ITO & Optical Coatings Company 2019” Award. Here is why we were among the winners of this year’s illustrious Business Innovator Awards.

“Best ITO & Optical Coatings Company 2019”

CVM does not decide winners by votes but selects them based on merit. We were honored with this prestigious award in recognition of unceasing dedication to the provision of outstanding customer services and our continual efforts to:

Stay in step and indeed ahead of 21st Century technology’s ever-changing demands by continually reviewing our capabilities and how these capabilities meet current market trends and our customers’ individual requirements.

Provide innovative and complete solutions for our customers’ projects/applications by continually designing new, cutting-edge coating solutions and expanding both our array of advanced machinery and added-value processes.

Combining their vast knowledge and years of experience with state-of-the-art technology and consistently cooperating closely with worldwide customers across many different industries, our dedicated teams here in the US and at our sister plant in the Midlands, UK, work hard to continually design and develop innovative new transparent conductive coating solutions.

Transparent Conductive Coatings USA

Consistently aiming for improvement, our technical team continually reviews, designs and develops ever new, advanced concepts in readiness for implementation within our daily working processes.

Thanks to their efforts, we now provide clients around the world with premium-quality coating solutions including our Diamox/Diamox+ indium tin oxide coatings, anti-reflective coatings and numerous other special optical coatings – and many of these coatings were designed and developed specifically to comply with the exact, frequently highly complex product requirements of our customers.

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Purpose built tour own specifications, our fully (incl. clean rooms) equipped vacuum processing plants can apply coatings to substrates including glass and diverse plastics (i.e. polycarbonate, acrylic and PEN/PET films) and our flexible handling system enables us to coat not only flat, but also shaped and diverse injection-molded parts.

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ITO coating on glass substrates

Within the many technological advancements of recent decades, there exists a subtle yet transformative fusion – Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coatings on glass substrates

What is an Optical Coating?

An optical coating is a thin film deposited on a surface to alter its optical properties and manipulate the behaviour of light

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Operating ultra-modern magnetron sputtering plants complete with clean rooms from state-of-the-art factory premises in Phoenix, Arizona. Diamond Coatings provide an extensive range of products, including ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) and AR (Anti-Reflection) coatings on glass or plastics; capacitive and resistive touch screens; monolithic shielding filters (RFI) on glass or plastics; mesh windows, glass supplies and more.
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