What Applications Are There For Conductive Tape?

Conductive tapes, namely copper tape or aluminium tape, are especially useful in a variety of applications, which we look at below.

What Applications Are There For Conductive Tape?

Conductive tapes, namely copper tape or aluminium tape, are especially useful in a variety of applications. One of the most common uses is for the repair or modification of printed circuit boards. Conductive tapes are also used in prototype wiring board layouts very effectively.

Conductive tapes are quite malleable, so can be bent into a specific shape, where perhaps soldering isn’t an option. When the tapes come with a strong adhesive and are as weatherproof as they are, the applications can be extended to exterior situations – Conductive tapes have been used to repair security alarm circuits, for instance.

Another common usage is that of electromagnetic shielding against electro magnetic interference (EMI) which could cause damage to components as well as causing excessive electronic feedback. Conductive tape is used to shield these components against both EMI and RF (radio frequency) interferences – an interesting use here is that in electric guitars, as you can see below!

The same principle also works very effectively for the seaming of EMI/RFI shielded rooms.

Other Conductive Tape Applications

There are many. For instance, in the Formula One world, there are specific laws regarding the refuelling of the car – it must be grounded. The next time you see a racecar pull in for a pit stop, you should be able to see conductive tape on the floor where the race car will stop, the tape is used to ground the vehicle to allow for refuelling.

Gardeners love copper tape – slugs do not! Conductive tape is used to protect plants and young trees from slugs and snails. These creatures produce a slime when they are mobile, we have all seen the trails, and this slime when in contact with copper tape will produce a small electric shock… those plants are well protected! Another great aspect for gardeners is that the copper tape will oxidise over time and blend into the environment with a pleasant green colouring.

Hobbyists also use conductive tapes in different ways. Stained glass designs are benefit from the use of conductive tape, wrapping each piece to provide a guideline when soldering pieces together in the final stages of production. Although not for its conductivity, the tapes are also used to create metallic borders on art works – and, copper and aluminium tape is also used to create unique wall art – the end results can include stunning geometric patterns.

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Whatever you may need conductive tape for, we are here to help. Diamond Coatings supply self-adhesive copper tape in 6, 12, 25 and 50mm widths are standard stock sizes (non-standard widths are available upon request).

All rolls are supplied in 20 Metre lengths

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