Is This The Most Advanced Face Shield Available?

Diamond Coatings PPE Face Shields are the most advanced face shields on the market, providing the highest level of visibility available.

Diamond Coatings Visin PPE Face Shields are the most advanced face shields on the market, providing the highest level of visibility available, as well as protection from the airborne transmission of viruses and pathogens including the Coronavirus. Our face shields are the most advanced because they offer a number of capabilities in terms of visibility, protection and comfort that most other face shields don’t.

An indication of their industry-leading standard, our face masks are fully certified and have been developed for suitability and supreme effectiveness in a variety of different work environments across many industries.

Here is an explanation of the various attributes that make our face shield the most advanced on the market:

Visibility – Anti-Reflective Coating

Normal face shields transmit 89% of light through the visor, causing the wearer to see their own reflection which can create visibility issues and distraction. For professionals in the healthcare industry or any other industry where intricate detailed work is required, optimal vision is of the utmost importance.

We coat our Visin PPE face shields with an anti-reflective coating which provides an enhanced 97% light transmission. This results in practically no reflection on the inside or exterior of the shield in all lighting conditions, offering optimal performance in both indoor and outside situations.

Please view our Visin PPE Face Shields here.


The most important factor when looking at a face mask is whether it actually protects the user. Our PPE face shields are made out of medical-grade equipment and provide a large piece of protective plastic to cover the whole face, ensuring extreme protection from airborne viruses and pathogens. The anti-static coating allows the face mask to be fully cleaned and reused, removing even the smallest particles and any bacteria that will inevitably attach to the front of the mask.


Our face shields offer industry-leading comfort with a fully-adjustable head strap that will allow you to wear it all day. While offering full shielding of the face to provide the maximum protection, our face shields also allow for full head movement while staying completely secured.


The face shields can be simply cleaned making them fully reusable and a cost-effective option for PPE in many different workplaces. They are hard coated and have anti-static properties allowing for a complete clean with the added ability to fully remove static dust particles. Being made out of medical-grade materials, they are also highly durable and designed to last a long time.

To find out more information and to purchase our Visin PPE Face Shields, click here.




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