AR Coated Coverslips

Diamond Coatings offer a comprehensive range of glass substrates and AR coatings tailor-made for Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coated Coverslips and glass slides.

AR Coated Coverslips

AR (anti-reflection) coatings, also called anti-glare coatings, are used in a variety of applications in which light passes through an optical substrate aiding low light or low loss as needed.

AR coatings improve the efficiency of optical appliances, enhance contrast in imaging devices, and minimize scattered light that can interfere with optical performance, especially concerning telescopes, cameras, and binoculars as well as decreasing glare on eyeglasses.

AR Coatings are especially important for thin lenses like Coverslips which reflect more light than benchmark grade lenses.

The AR coated coverslips decrease unwanted reflection and increase the transmittance of more light resulting in reduced eye strain and vision optimization.

Diamond Coatings AR Coated Coverslips

Diamond Coatings offer a comprehensive range of glass substrates and AR coatings tailor-made for Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coated coverslips and glass slides and are currently being supplied to universities worldwide.

We can produce chemical or thermally toughened glass custom made to meet specific dimensions, thicknesses, and resistance levels, with radii, apertures, and cut-outs, if necessary.

We possess the latest glass processing techniques and offer substrates that can be polished to meet necessary optical and flatness functions.

Optional enhancements such as coverslips containing silver polymers or bus bars, anti-glare finishes, and printed borders or graphics are also available.

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Can You Get Anti Glare Coating Films?

If you are asking the question can you get anti glare coating films, the good news is yes, you can. There are films readily available online, yet not all films are the same.

The benefits of anti reflective films

Anti reflective films are being utilised in many different scenarios and environments and this is largely due to their tensile strength and non reflective properties.

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The properties of ITO glass coatings offer advantages that make them the preferred solution for many industries’ applications.

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