Indium Tin Oxide Coatings

Indium Tin Oxide Coatings Capability

Industry-leading Indium Tin Oxide coatings manufacturer Diamond Coatings offer an extensive range of ITO and Index Matched ITO coatings.

ITO Coatings

Featuring excellent optical, electronic and optoelectronic properties, Indium Tin Oxide coatings are the ideal solution for a vast range of science, research & development and commercial applications, including, among many others:

  • Electroluminescent and Electrochromic Displays
  • Field Emission, LCD and Plasma Displays
  • Gas Sensors, Energy Efficient Windows and Photovoltaic Cells
  • Capacitive/Resistive Touch Panels/Screens and Heat Reflective Coatings
  • EMI/RFI Shielding, Electrostatic Dissipation and Heated Optical Clear Display Filters
  • ITO Coated Films, ITO Microscope Slides & Cover Slips and More

Custom Diamox Indium Tin Oxide Coatings

Produced by vacuum deposition (low temperature) onto a variety of plastic (including acrylic, polyester and polycarbonate) or glass substrates (max. sheet size: 1000 mm x 1000 mm), our Custom Diamox ITO coatings are transparent, highly conductive coatings with sheet resistances ranging from 2.5 to 1500 ohms/sq.

Showing no evidence of reductions in the ITO coatings’ sheet resistance or adhesion when subjected to Salt Spray, Thermal and Humidity Cycling (tested to MIL STD 48497), Diamox ITO coatings offer:

EMI/RFI shielding effectiveness of up to 26 dB and 58 dB at 1 GH and 1MH respectively (using testing methods congruous with MIL-STD-215)

Typical peak light transmissions of 87% and 81% (within a wavelength range of 525 nm to 600 nm) for 20 ohms/sq coatings on glass and polycarbonate respectively

Our flexible substrate handling system enables us to coat flat, shaped and various injection moulded parts and we can supply fully machined plastic/glass parts, as well as offering ITO coating of free issue parts. Diamox coatings can also be etched to create fine conductor paths.

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Diamox+ Index Matched ITO Coating

A multi-layer quartz & metal oxides coating, Diamox+ is available for deposition onto acrylic, glass and polycarbonate substrates with sheet sizes currently ranging up to a maximum of 1000 mm x 1000 mm. The quartz layer’s thickness is controlled carefully to enhance transmission while suppressing unwanted reflection.

Boasting all Diamox characteristics, Diamox+ provides for index matched ITO coatings and, in comparison to standard ITO coatings, offers substantially improved peak light transmission rates of 92% and 82% respectively for 20 ohms/sq coatings on glass and polycarbonate substrates (one side coated; wavelength range: 525 nm to 600 nm).

We also offer a range of OLED Grade ITO Coated Glass and ITO Glass & Coverslips.

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Many of our ITO and Indexed Matched, as well as our Multi-Layer AR (Anti-Reflection) coatings – for all of which we can provide reflection and transmission graphs – were specifically designed to meet the optical requirements of customers.

Do you have an application with specific optical requirements? Give our team a call on (480) 999-3456 today. We will be happy to design/recommend a solution to meet your specifications to perfection.


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Operating ultra-modern magnetron sputtering plants complete with clean rooms from state-of-the-art factory premises in Phoenix, Arizona. Diamond Coatings provide an extensive range of products, including ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) and AR (Anti-Reflection) coatings on glass or plastics; capacitive and resistive touch screens; monolithic shielding filters (RFI) on glass or plastics; mesh windows, glass supplies and more.
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