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Heated Visor For Motorcycle Helmets

We Have developed a heated film that is applied to a visor to eliminate helmet fogging, regardless of the conditions.

Heated Visor For Motorcycle Helmets

Remember that scene in Easy Rider when Peter Fonda threw away his watch at the start? Smiling? Keep smiling, because we have developed a new product that is going to change the world of motorcycling permanently… (we hope!)

If you asked motorcyclists what their biggest gripe was, they would undoubtedly answer ‘anyone that drives a car’. Their second biggest gripe might be what is actually a real safety issue – the fogging up that occurs on motorcycle helmet visors.

This same issue applies to snowboarders and snowmobile riders that use helmets. In colder environments, fogging can be a real challenge.

New Product Alert!

Yes, we want a little fanfare for this one as we are very excited to announce a revolutionary accessory for motorbike and snowboard helmets – a heated film that is applied to a visor to eliminate helmet fogging, regardless of the conditions.

There is a large contingent of bikers among the Diamond Coatings staff and after trying other anti-fog products available, it was felt that there could be a superior option.

Using our experience of design and development in the optical industry and combining with our knowledge of conductive coatings, we are close to launching VISIN.

Why Is VISIN Going To Change Everything?

(Biased headline above, sorry) VISIN is not like any other visor demister out there. It is the only heated visor that uses a battery – and it uses it to great effect. We have produced an optical coating that is transparent but is also electrically conductive.

By applying a small charge across the visor film in boost mode, VISIN can demist a visor in under 20 seconds.

Universal Fit

We have worked hard to ensure the VISIN visor film fits most helmet visors, meaning you can enjoy the visual and safety benefits on your preferred helmet. Measuring in at 180 x 90mm, the film is inserted simply and quickly over your existing visor.

Continuous, Uncompromised Clear Vision

VISIN will provide a continuous output for 8 hours, adequate for most if not all rides in one sitting. The battery pack can be recharged using a micro USB. The heated visor from VISIN is qualified for public road use in Europe, America and Canada.

Interested? Join Our Waiting List!

Like every other Diamond Coatings product, we believe in offering the very best possible version. Right now VISIN is undergoing some compliance testing and will be released in the very near future in small batches to ensure optimum quality control.

If you would like to be one of the first to receive VISIN, the unique heated visor accessory, you can sign up here.




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