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Glass Coating for Windows

Diamond Coatings offer a full range of ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) and AR (Anti-reflective) coatings that may change the way you think about glass.

Glass Coating For Windows

There are many different types of glass coatings for windows, from basic privacy and protection films through to electrically conductive coatings (that’s where we come in).

Diamond Coatings offer a full range of ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) and AR (Anti-reflective) coatings that may change the way you think about glass. Imagine glass that you can run an electric charge through – in fact, you do not have to imagine. If you are reading this on a tablet or cellphone, there is a good chance your screen utilises ITO glass technology for the ‘touch’ aspect.

In terms of ITO glass coating for windows, there are a number of usage applications.

ITO Heated Windows

Think of a search & rescue helicopter, hovering over a mountain in the harshest environment. With possible fluctuating and freezing temperatures, optimum visual clarity absolutely critical. The possibility of a cockpit window freezing or misting is a scary prospect – the pilot could be in real difficulty and the search would have to be called off.

By applying a thin coating of ITO to the helicopter windows, the glass can hold and pass an electric current which is used to heat said windows. Heated windows? We wonder how many potential lives this has saved.

Not just for rescue choppers, ITO heated windows are commonly used in planes, trains and automobiles (sorry, couldn’t resist). The same technology is used in the military and the same heated window concept is also applied to military instruments using LCD screens in the field. LCD screens can suffer low response times and overall performance in colder temperatures.

ITO coated glass slides

Studies show ITO coated glass slides used as substrates for cell cultures is an extendable application offering new opportunities for electron microscopy and correlative light research into adherently growing cells.

Naturally, it is important for slides used in this kind of research to be of the highest possible quality and reliable both in terms of electrical resistivity and structural integrity.

Consisting of 1.1mm thick soda lime glass coated with high quality indium tin oxide and a 25nm thick barrier coating of silicon oxide, our ITO coated conductive glass slides ensure both top quality and reliability.

Anti-reflective coating for windows

Anti-reflective coatings on windows maximise visibility whilst minimising reflections and glare, which creates transparent, clear views through the glass.

In environmental terms, AR glass windows are beneficial in that they allow increased levels of natural daylight to enter rooms and thereby reduce the need for artificial light sources – which, of course, reduces energy consumption (as well as energy expenses).

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ITO coating on glass substrates

Within the many technological advancements of recent decades, there exists a subtle yet transformative fusion – Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coatings on glass substrates

What is an Optical Coating?

An optical coating is a thin film deposited on a surface to alter its optical properties and manipulate the behaviour of light

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