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Indium Tin Oxide Pet Film

ITO can be applied to polyester film and is used in many areas and applications due to its processing tolerance and suitability for engineering.

Indium Tin Oxide Pet Film

Diamond Coatings specialise in ITO coatings and have become the leading company globally in this industry, winning awards along the way.

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) can be used to coat glass and plastic such as acrylic and polycarbonates. ITO can also be applied to polyester film and is used in many areas and applications due to its processing tolerance and suitability for engineering.

Why Indium Tin Oxide PET Film?

As mentioned, PET film is very durable during the manufacturing process and far beyond that too. PET films are come with further benefits including high UV resistance, resilience at a wide temperature range and low moisture absorption.

When you apply a thin coating of ITO to these films, they make the surface conductive while maintaining absolute transparency.

These two features mean Indium Tin Oxide PET films can be applied in electroluminescent lamps, medical sensors, electrophoretic displays, EMI/RFI shielding, resistive touch screens, touch screen components and smart windows.

More common than you might think…

A lot of commercial touch screen kiosks and devices use ITO PET film. That last fast food order that you placed personally in a restaurant using one of the touch screen kiosks may well have used one of our films (you’re welcome!).

In fact, the use of PET films in retail and commercial environments is all around us and now you know, maybe clearer to spot.

Another good example is in the aviation industry. Did you ever wonder when aeroplanes get to such high altitudes, why doesn’t the cockpit windshield freeze over?

Now you know… PET film is adhered to the windshield and a voltage that generates heat is administered. This works because the ITO aspect provides the conductivity required.

Indium Tin Oxide PET Film Supplier

Yes, that’s where we come in. Diamond Coatings can supply a wide range of ITO coated PET films (standard thickness: 175 micron) in sheets (standard size: 600 x 457mm), rolls (maximum width: 600mm) or laser cut shapes to order.

Our Indium Tin Oxide PET film is available with 15 ohms/sq standard resistivity.

We are also able to offer our ITO coated PET films supplied with protective films on both surfaces to aid handling/ fabrication.

If you would like to know more about our Indium Tin Oxide film, contact the team at Diamond Coatings to discuss your specifications or find out more about what we provide.




What is an ITO substrate?

The transparency and conductivity available for the surfaces of glass, plastics, and thin films has significantly expanded the potential applications for ITO substrates.

Commercial Touch Screen Manufacturers

As the leading manufacturer of touch screens in the USA, Diamond Coatings works with customers to provide a seamless journey from development to production volumes of touch screens

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