ITO Coated PET Plastic

Common uses of ITO PET plastic is in the production of touch screens, position sensors, electromagnetic shielding applications and LCDs.

ITO Coated PET Plastic

PET film is composed of polyethylene terephthalate and is a high-performance, clear thermoplastic. It has fantastic dimensional stability and comes with a high tensile strength. Its high resilience to temperatures and low moisture adsorption coupled with high UV resistance makes it ideal for use externally too.

When coated with ITO (indium Tin Oxide) this film becomes electrically conductive and opens up even more usage possibilities.

ITO coated PET plastic applications

One of the most widespread uses of ITO PET plastic is in the production of touch screens. Resistive touch screens are used throughout the world in a number of industries. These resistive screens are a lot tougher than a capacitive screen, that would normally be found within your cell phone.

Resistive screens usually have two layers with a small gap between them – The outer layer is normally a polycarbonate with the inside layer utilizing ITO PET films.

Downward pressure on these screens results in the gap between the two layers being altered. As the base layer is conductive, the pressure is recognised in that specific location.

Position sensors, electroluminescent lamps, electromagnetic shielding applications and LCDs also utilize ITO coated PET plastic. The liquid crystal cells in LCDs can be realigned with the use of ITO PET films.

Flexible displays are another area where ITO coated PET is used routinely. Retail displays and restaurant digital menu boards are two good examples of this.

Another example of ITO plastic films is within the aerospace industry, ITO coated PET plastic is used to aid the defrosting of an aircraft’s windshield. This is achieved by applying voltage which generates heat, that can be conducted by the indium tin oxide coating.

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