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What Makes ITO Coatings the Preferred Choice for Global Industries?

Market leading coating specialists Diamond Coatings supply a wide range of ITO coated products to countless global industries. Here is what makes our ITO coatings the preferred choice for so many worldwide industries’ applications…

Why Are DC’s ITO Coated Products so Popular?

The secret to our ITO coated products’ success lies in their versatility, their excellent properties and our technical team’s dedication to providing innovative, high-quality products and services that not only keep up with but stay ahead of the ever-advancing 21st Century technology’s demands. Allow us to expand a little on these points…

Our Coatings’ Versatility

Combining years of coating experience with ultra-modern technology and close cooperation with customers, we continually work on honing our coating processes to ever greater perfection. As a result, we can now deposit our coatings on a diversity of substrates including polycarbonate, PEN and PET films, acrylic and several types of glass.

Able to apply coatings to these substrates at varying thicknesses and sheet resistances, we have a purpose-designed, flexible handling system enabling us to deposit coatings not only onto flat but also shaped, injection-molded and free issue parts.

The process alone therefore opens a whole world of virtually limitless application possibilities…

ITO Coating Properties

Then, of course, there are our coatings’ beneficial properties, which include high:

Electrical Conductivity – We can produce coatings with sheet resistances starting as low as 2.5 Ohms/sq. on glass and 10 Ohms/sq. on plastics, with maximum sheet resistance on all substrates limited to 1,500 Ohms/sq.

Optical Transparency – At 20 Ohms/sq. and wavelengths between 525 and 600 nm, our coatings offer typical peak light transmissions of 81% and 87% on polycarbonates and glass respectively.

Shielding Effectiveness – Our coatings serve to improve electronic devices’ reception, as well as their overall performance, by inhibiting, minimizing and even eliminating RFI, EMI and ESD effects with shielding effectiveness rates of 26dB (@ 1GHZ) and 58dB (@1MHZ).

Longevity – Durable and hardwearing, our coatings offer good resistance to cracking, flaking and crazing; delaminating, peeling and moisture/water penetration, as well as good chemical stability. Exposed to humidity cycling, salt spray and thermal cycling during MIL STD 48497 testing, ITO coatings on polycarbonate substrates show neither evidence of sheet resistance or coating adhesion reductions nor of any optical degradation.

Furthermore, our indium tin oxide coatings can also be etched to precision, which is something that cannot be done with most alternative doped metal oxides. This ability obviously allows us to create extremely fine conductor paths and match even clients’ most complex patterning needs.

ITO Coated Product Applications

Combining their versatility with these beneficial properties, our ITO coated product range lends itself perfectly to application including:

  • Plasma Displays – Photovoltaic Cells – LCD Displays
  • ITO Microscope Cover Slips/Slides – ITO Coated Films – Heated Display Filters (Optically Clear)
  • Heat Reflective Coatings – Gas Sensors – Field Emission Displays
  • Energy Efficient Windows – EMI/RFI Shielding – Electrostatic Dissipation
  • Electroluminescent Lamps/Displays – Electrochromic Displays – Capacitive Touch Control Panels
  • Capacitive Touch Display Panels – Antistatic Coatings – “Hot Mirrors” (Automotive Industry) & More

In addition:

  • The role of ITO coated glass as a cell culture substrate is easily extendable, which heralds exciting new opportunities for studies into cell growth involving electron & correlative light microscopy
  • Used within nanotechnology, ITO coatings also offer new pathways towards next generation solar cells – which could lead to the provision of low-cost, flexible and ultra-light cells for a broad range of applications.

Our Team’s Dedication

Dedicated to providing our clients with premium quality services and products, our technical team continuously combine their years of experience with close client cooperation, market research and innovative ideas to design and develop ever new, ever better coatings and processing methods.

Many of our coatings and processing technologies were, in fact, designed specifically to meet client specific needs. We can do the same for your application – why not get in touch with our experts to discuss your design specifications today?





ITO coating on glass substrates

Within the many technological advancements of recent decades, there exists a subtle yet transformative fusion – Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) coatings on glass substrates

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An optical coating is a thin film deposited on a surface to alter its optical properties and manipulate the behaviour of light

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