Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Sheets

Applying our anti scratch coating to polycarbonates makes them almost equal to glass in terms of hardness.

Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate sheets are pliable, lightweight and transparent, with the benefit of having impressive heat and impact resistance, making them a good alternative to glass. However, polycarbonates are comparatively soft and can be easily scratched.

Applying our anti scratch coating to polycarbonates makes them almost equal to glass in terms of hardness.

Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Sheets

Diamond Coatings produce a wide variety of conductive ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) & Index Matched ITO, anti-reflective and special optical coatings, as well as diverse hard coat options designed to enhance substrates chemical and/or scratch resistance.

Frequently designed specifically to meet the requirements of client-specific applications, Diamond Coatings hard coat coatings substantially increase both the chemical/scratch resistance and strength of applications that are exposed to harsh environments and/or heavy use.

This, of course, significantly increases these applications’ durability.

This makes it the perfect alternative to glass for many demanding applications. The ‘heavy use’ and environmental challenges these applications are frequently exposed to naturally makes it a must for their polycarbonate substrates to feature reasonable scratch resistance. It is here that Diamond Coating’s hard coating options come into effect.

Scratch Resistant Polycarbonate Sheets Applications

The applications for polycarbonate sheets once hard coated are numerous and include touch screens and touch panels, glass window alternatives, eye wear lenses, art exhibitions & gallery displays, ATM screens, auto/aero and military display instruments.

The majority of the above would also utilise an ITO coating and sometimes anti reflective coatings as well – At Diamond Coatings we specialise in all three coatings on substrates including glass and plastics such as polycarbonates.

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