What Is Conductive Tape Used For?

Copper, as a conductive tape, is extremely versatile and malleable, meaning it is well used within a variety of applications.

What Is Conductive Tape Used For?

The most common form of conductive tape is copper tape – a thin roll of tape, normally with a self-adhesive coating on the underside. Electrical connections can be achieved, simply by joining the tape together within a circuit.

Copper, as a conductive tape, is extremely versatile and malleable, meaning it is well used within a variety of applications.

Conductive tape uses

Commonly used for wrapping and insulating wire circuits and electromagnetic shielding, copper tape, in particular, now has quite a few other less obvious applications…

Electromagnetic shielding – Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can cause issues in certain situations, causing excessive electronic feedback and damaging delicate components. By creating a conductive grounded enclosure (aka Faraday cage) around these components using copper tape, they remain protected.

Slugs – Yes slugs! We recently wrote a blog about how gardeners are turning away from toxic slug repellents and using copper tape around their plant pots and vegetable planters. Definitely take a look as we mention another surprising copper tape application too.

Wall art – It was never intended for copper tape to be used as an artists medium, but that’s exactly what has happened. Self-adhesive copper tape has been adopted by members of the art community and are used in creating wall art, especially one with a geometric nature. Then again, bubble wrap was first invented as a form of wallpaper, so things have evened out in a way!

Other art applications – As well as the afore-mentioned wall art, copper tape is used in the production of stained glass at hobby level, wrapping each piece in tape to provide a guideline when soldering pieces together in the final stages of production. As well as that, copper tape is used to create a metallic border around a piece of art.

Diamond Coatings conductive tape

Whatever you may need conductive tape for, we are here to help. Diamond Coatings supply self-adhesive copper tape in 6, 12, 25 and 50mm widths are standard stock sizes (non-standard widths are available upon request).

All rolls are supplied in 20 Metre lengths. Please view the range HERE.

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