Anti Fog Visor For Motorcyclists

The anti fog visor for motorcyclists has a transparent conductive coating, which allows electricity to pass across the film and generate heat in an instant.

Anti Fog Visor For Motorcyclists

DISCLAIMER! I am no biker, but have always had a love for motorcycles, especially those with a big V-Twin… To further cement my credentials, I wanted to buy a Honda Custom when I was 16 (I had the dollars!) but my Mother was adamant it wasn’t happening – in fairness, it was the right call. I have crashed far too many cars to be let loose on two wheels. Lastly, Sons of Anarchy is just the best… There, I’m in the biker family now, yes? Please?

For all you motorcycling enthusiasts out there, I need to tell you about a serious bit of kit that you are going to absolutely love. Let me introduce you to VISIN – an anti fog visor for motorcyclists.

Unlike me, a would-be biker, a lot of the team at Diamond Coatings live for the thrill of the open road. As regular motorcyclists, they were only too aware of the issues that came with fogging within helmet visors.

With Diamond Coatings’ background in supplying heater solutions and optical coatings to aerospace, medical and defense industries, we developed a conductive film that can be easily applied to all helmet visors.

Our film is coated in a transparent conductive coating, which allows electricity to pass across the film and generate heat in an instant. This heat clears any fog from within the visor, and will do so continuously for 3.5 hours.

There are other films available but…

Nothing comes close to VISIN, seriously. Other anti fog films are coated with a moisture preventing coating, which really only works for a short amount of time, and only if there is low humidity and good air circulation.

In our opinion, you may as well just raise the visor. That’s far from ideal and this is where VISIN stands apart from other anti fog visors. For at least 3.5 hours, you are guaranteed a clear line of vision, whatever the weather conditions.

No more open visor riding! No more holding your breath!

There is even a boost mode, which will clear all fog within a visor within 20 seconds. No compromise on safety and enhance comfort for every ride.

VISIN is currently in final testing stages. We are planning on releasing in small batches to ensure compliance and quality is met. As bikers, naturally, we take safety and the reliability of product very seriously.

If you are interested in this revolutionary anti fog visor for motorcyclists, you can see more detail and tech specs at the VISIN website. Why not take a look at our road test adventure in Africa whilst you are there?

You can also register your interest in the anti fog visor and join the waiting list here.




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