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Anti Reflective Coatings

Anti reflective coatings have a multitude of applications in today’s world, ranging from spectacles, computer monitors, smart windows, retail displays and everything else in between.

Anti Reflective Coatings

Anti reflective coatings have a multitude of applications in today’s world, ranging from spectacles, computer monitors, smart windows, retail displays and everything else in between – anything that delivers a reflection can utilise an anti reflective coating to neutralise the issue.

Are anti reflective coatings really required?

To some, it may seem like an un-needed luxury, but for other, using anti reflective coatings can make a real positive change to a visual experience. Reflections could mean the difference between life and death in some environments, namely medical and military – both of which utilise anti reflective coatings in different applications.

The above may sound a little drastic, but nevertheless, it is true. A military command console needs to be 100% accurate, or at least the translation of the data supplied to a human user needs to be without visual compromise. The same can be said for medical operations, especially in an operating theatre.

There are of course other uses that may be deemed a luxury, such as art installations and retail displays, but if the solution is readily available, why shouldn’t these two areas benefit from optimum visual clarity? And who says enjoying a work of art in its finest form is a luxury? Surely, it’s a necessity.

Anti Reflective Coatings in a COVID Society

The last year or so has been so tough on everyone, the entire world has suffered at the hands of this deadly disease. The human race has done what it does best though, evolve and fight back – and we are hoping we are nearly there. One thing that we all had to learn to live with was segregation, be it in the form of self isolation or by separating ourselves from others. This was of course, and is still, totally necessary.

At Diamond Coatings, we like to think we did our bit in the COVID fight. We very quickly produced a range of anti reflective face shields which have since been adopted by health institutions around the world. Offering 97% light transmission, the face shields basically eliminated reflections on both sides.

Going back to the enforced segregation mentioned above, COVID safety screens were installed throughout the country. We wonder collectively how many lives these screens may have saved, but they were not without their own issues. The screens were mainly used in public environments, such as cashier stations and reception areas, as well as ticket kiosks. The issue being these same environments were always well lit – which, of course, would reflect onto and off the screen.

We realised that our superior anti reflective film was an ideal solution to a growing problem, and again, our product was used globally to assist (on whatever level) in the fight against COVID. By neutralising the reflections from the screens, we like to think we made daily life in those scenarios that little bit easier to deal with.

Diamond Coatings are an award winning, industry leading company specialising in ITO coatings and anti reflective coatings. You can view our range of anti reflective coatings by clicking the link.

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