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Non Glare Acrylic Supplier

Wherever there is an item that needs to be viewed with optimal clarity, yet needs to be protected, non glare acrylic is a great solution

Non Glare Acrylic Supplier

Non glare acrylic should be used in environments where there is strong lighting in place, which will cause a reflection or glare which may detract from a viewing experience – obvious applications for non glare acrylic would be art galleries, exhibitions and even retail environments.

Where would you use non glare acrylic?

The applications are endless and varied. Most commonly used in the art and retail environments, non glare acrylic has had a further requirement owing to Coronavirus, which we cover a little later.

What is the difference between non glare and anti reflective?

To the layman, there is no difference in these two terms, but in actual fact, there is a huge difference between the two. Here we explain why…

Non glare acrylic – this will normally require an uneven finish that is designed to disperse light that would hit the surface and reduce the glare that would normally be visible. The disadvantage to a non glare acrylic is that the uneven surface can reduce contrast of whatever is behind it considerably – if you are thinking of using this to frame a work of art, it may be the wrong choice.

Anti Reflective Acrylic – This is where acrylic has an anti reflective coating applied to one or both sides. At Diamond Coatings, we provide a totally clear optical coating which reduces surface reflection and increases light transmission, resulting in zero reflection (or glare) without losing any clarity of whatever may be behind the acrylic.

Wherever there is an item that needs to be viewed with optimal clarity, yet needs to be protected, non glare acrylic is an option, but an anti reflective coated acrylic is far superior.

Museums and galleries around the world already use anti reflective coated acrylic to enhance their displays and reduce reflections. Acrylic is often used as it is much lighter and tougher than glass.

Anti reflective coated acrylic is also now being used in homes with family photographs and paintings now being viewed with no glare. Another real plus to anti reflective coated acrylic is that it reflects destructive UV light, helping to protect those photographs or works of art.

Post COVID anti reflective coated acrylic

In the last year or so, there has been increased demand and requirements for safety screens to offer protection against the virus. The screens definitely helped to prevent the spread and save lives, but communication was hampered by the reflections on both sides of the screen, most notable in well lit areas such as retail environments.

Diamond Coatings responded to this issue and offer an anti reflective film laminated on to plastic (or glass, in other applications).

With 97% light transmission, there is now virtually zero glare form both sides of the safety screens, allowing staff to better engage with their customers. With more or less zero reflection and hugely decreased eye strain, this is a clear benefit.

Diamond Coatings – Anti reflective coated acrylic supplier

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Diamond Coatings offer a range of anti reflective options and can supply our coatings on a variety of substrates as well as our anti reflective film which can be laminated onto glass or plastics.

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What is an Optical Coating?

An optical coating is a thin film deposited on a surface to alter its optical properties and manipulate the behaviour of light

What is an ITO substrate?

The transparency and conductivity available for the surfaces of glass, plastics, and thin films has significantly expanded the potential applications for ITO substrates.

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