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Why you might need hard coated polycarbonate

A hard coated polycarbonate offers superior strength to other plastics and is used widespread in a number of different situations.

Why you might need hard coated polycarbonate

There’s a very good chance you have used a polycarbonate in some form today already. Polycarbonates are a transparent amorphous thermoplastic: Amorphous means it is pliable at room temperature without breaking or cracking, a thermoplastic becomes liquid at melting point which is particularly useful for injection molding and recycling.

A polycarbonate has the ability to transmit light almost as well as glass and comes with superior impact resistance to both glass and other plastics.

These attributes make polycarbonates a common material used in a variety of applications such as spectacle lenses, DVDs, lighting fixtures and car headlights and other auto parts to name just some of the uses of polycarbonates.

Hard Coated Polycarbonates

Diamond Coatings offer a range of specialist coatings that can be applied to polycarbonates, including anti reflective, impact and heat resistance, as well as Indium Tin Oxide (which makes the polycarbonate electrically conductive with no loss to transparency).

A hard coated polycarbonate offers superior strength to other plastics and is used widespread in a number of different situations. One really good (but sad) example of this is the safety screens that were put into place during the pandemic. The screens could also have the anti reflective coating applied to enhance visibility.

Other hard coated polycarbonate applications include windows for boats, trains and planes, security camera domes, industrial control screens, heavy use LCD display screens, safety visors and machine guards, anti vandal and security glazing, bullet proof ‘glass’ and riot shields… Pretty much anywhere that requires a level of transparency matched with toughness.

Trust us, hard coated polycarbonates are used daily in some form by pretty much everyone!

Diamond Coatings Hard Coated Polycarbonates

We are a well established company serving a large range of clients globally, specialising in a number of different coatings. Based at our production plant in Phoenix, Arizona as well as operations located in the UK, we are able to offer a range of best-in-class coatings. Our technical knowledge and experience has allowed us to develop some of the most advanced coatings available, none more so that our impact resistant hard coating for polycarbonates.

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