Can you get Non Reflecting Films

The answer to ‘Can you get non reflecting films’ is a simple yes, but some non reflecting films are more effective than others…

Can you get Non Reflecting Films

The answer to ‘Can you get non reflecting films’ is a simple yes, but some non reflecting films are more effective than others…

Non reflecting films are used in a variety of industries, serving a multitude of applications, including retail window displays and advertising signage, both internally and externally. TV screens and exhibits in museums can also use these films.

Other applications include zoos and aquariums as well as the plastic screens we had in place during the pandemic.

Where Can You Get Non Reflecting Films?

A quick google search will reveal a selection of suppliers, but it is worth noting that there are better films available. Diamond Coatings is a specialist optical coatings company, established 20 years ago and delivering the very best in everything we do.

What do we do? As well as non reflecting films, we offer various coatings to substrates including plastics and acrylics, thin films and glass. Our ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coating is used globally in many different aspects, from automotive and aerospace to medical and military environments.

Diamond Coatings Non Reflective Film

Diamond Coatings’ non reflective film AR1617 is a high-performance, superior quality multi-layer film ideal for use in digital display and signage applications including touch control display panels, medical and retail displays, smart windows and various clear partition installations.

It can also be used domestically as we supply in sheet form – perfect for removing reflections on your framed art in your home.

Why Diamond Coatings Non Reflective Film?

The first advantage our AR1617 film offers is delivered by its optical properties, which include a 59% reflection (minimum at wavelengths between 580 and 590 nm) and a 4% total luminous transmission. We have the added advantage of abrasion, chemical and environmental resistance, enabling the film to withstand the harshest and testing of environments.

Non Reflective Film Options

Diamond Coatings AR1617 film can be supplied by linear metre on rolls with a standard width of 1,250 mm or in sheet form – 250 x 250 mm or 1,000 x 1,000 mm sheets (all available to purchase online). We can also laminate directly onto clients’ preferred substrate (upon request) and supply films matching clients’ specific dimensional requirements (upon request).

Our AR1617 film is highly suited as a cost-effective solution for large display or digital signage applications.

The Diamond Coatings AR1617 Anti-Reflective film comes complete with an optically clear adhesive and protective film on both surfaces.

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