Antireflective Coating

Diamond Coatings supply a range of antireflective coatings that offer enhanced optical performance by reducing reflection and glare

Antireflective Coating

Diamond Coatings supply a range of antireflective coatings that offer enhanced optical performance by reducing reflection and glare. The coatings can be supplied on glass, acrylic or polycarbonate substrates. We also manufacture and supply an antireflective PET film.

Our antireflective (AR) coating is conductive with a sheet resistance of typically 1000+ ohms/sq and comes with the following available options:

    Multi-purpose to suit customers’ needs
    Acrylic sheet with dipped AR coating giving approximate reflection of 3%
    Vacuum deposited AR at various wavelengths to suit customer requirements with average reflection of 0.5%
    ITO conductive coating combined with multilayer AR

Effective Antireflective Coatings

Reducing reflection to a fraction of that of conventional glass windows, antireflective coatings provide crystal-clear transparency even when there is a significant difference in the level of light on either side of a windowpane (in front or behind).

Light transmission for AR coated glass (coated on one side only) is 94%, with both sides coated, this increases to 96%. In a similar fashion, polycarbonate light transmissions are 91% and 95% respectively.

Antireflective Polycarbonate Coatings

Antireflective coatings on polycarbonates are utilised in many applications, including touchscreens and automobile displays, transparent ITO heaters, medical displays and instruments and EMI/RFI shielding filters.

An additional bonus to the antireflective properties on polycarbonates, our coatings also reduce fading and yellowing, caused by ultra-violet rays. With this in mind, AR coated polycarbonates are a great choice for display cases and retail displays.

Antireflective PET Film

Polyester film is composed of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and is a high performing, transparent thermoplastic. When coated with ITO, the PET films are both highly transparent and conductive. The further enhancement of an AR coating makes these films exceptional useful for a range of applications including LCD’s, PDP’s, clear displays and touch panels, amongst others.

PET film has many favorable properties including high tensile strength and dimensional stability, low moisture absorption and high UV resistance – and of course, high optical transparency.

Our Antireflective ITO PET film comes supplied with an optically clear adhesive and can be provided in sheet form, in continuous meter format on a roll or directly laminated on your chosen substrate.

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